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VISIONCAPTURE in Venice 2021

VISIONCAPTURE MEDIA comes to the 78th Venice International Film Festival with their works in progress with the assistance of the Film Development Council of the Philippines. 


LUNA Y SALVACION (full feature)

The story of an Asian artist in the 1900s who rose to fame in Europe and the pride of his country, falling from grace when he kills his wife in a moment of jealous rage, destroying all that he built for himself and his country -- juxtaposed with a modern day story of a Filipina domestic worker who lived in Europe and unknowingly inherits a masterpiece from this famous artist, only to lose it because of ignorance and a disbelief in the society she lives in now.


BREATHLESS (short film)

A heartbroken mother travels thousands of miles from Manila to Paris to find her dead daughter's former boyfriend, avenge her death by suicide, and exact justice for her daughter.

THE UNAFFAIR (short film)

Sophie's vacation paradise turns to hell as she discovers her husband David's affair with their nanny. The fight affects their toddler son but things fell in the right place after David is thrown out and Sophie and the nanny are left alone.

THE CATCH (short film)

Miguel seeks out a famous potion to make his wife fall in love with him again, but he wasn't warned about the after effects on him, after his wife takes the potion.


LAST LOOK (short film)

Rich and cocky, Tony the funeral photographer had many years of a great career when he comes close to death because of a terminal illness, and now desperately needs someone else to take his photo for his own funeral.


For inquiries, please contact EVELYN KNAEBEL (Managing Producer) / evelyn.vargas-knaebel@netplus.ch

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