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WAKING LOVE - New Romance To Refresh

Lady romance novelist Amanda falls into a coma because of a motor accident, and then awakens to write a new novel based on her recurring dreams about a man she falls in love with and a mysterious love song. She awakens to a reality where she is engaged to be married to Louis, her boyfriend of six years with whom she has a long-distance relationship. Amanda then meets Miguel, the singer and recording artist who saved her during her accident, brought her to hospital, and who visited her daily while she was in a three-month coma at the hospital. Amanda instantly falls in love with Miguel for reasons she could not explain, even when she just really met him.  Because Amanda is committed to Louis, she avoids Miguel. Miguel appears on television to promote his recorded single who dedicates his love song to a sleeping woman he hasn’t met. Amanda immediately recognizes the song as the one in her recurring dream. As Amanda secretly pines for Miguel, Louis comes home to her feeling that his relationship with her has turned cold and pointless, and hence, they break up. Lost and alone, Amanda retreats to a remote beach resort to concentrate on finishing her novel. On the brink of giving up, the song in her dreams leads her to a nearby resort where Miguel is slated to perform. She goes to seek out Miguel but misses him by hours as Miguel has left for the city. Amanda returns to her resort and closes her novel with a sad ending. Six months later, Amanda’s novel is published and was presented at a book launch. Miguel shows up at the book launch and he and Amanda get started on a romance story of their own, out of their dreams and into reality.
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