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Piolo Pascual is the  country's most celebrated actor in the Philippines today. Writing about Piolo and photographing him for the book remains to be one of the most sterling experiences in my profession. Being a true friend took on a new meaning, as this very private actor opened his home to me...i rummaged through his scrapbooks from childhood, invaded his fridge, and even followed him to bed and the bathroom. I wanted people to see how real this star is. And seeing that reality only added to his mystery, it seems.  It was an honor and a pleasure I wanted to share with every reader of PIOLO:BELIEVING (A PICTORIAL BIOGRAPHY OF PIOLO PASCUAL). There were thousand of pictures, only 170 plus could be included in the book. Hopefully, I can post more of what I've taken of Piolo, here in this blog -- spicy and interesting snaps that didn't make it to print. Hope y'all stick around for another doze of PIOLO pics.
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